Caroline Farrow, CitizenGO UK director, asks Disney’s CEO to stop LGTB indoctrination in their entertainment parks

  • CitizenGO released a petition in 2019 with the support of around 650.000 people asking Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, to stop the LGTB indoctrination at their diversion parks.
  • Caroline Farrow, CitizenGO UK director: “We will continue defending our kids in spite of the fact that companies as influential as Disney want to indoctrinate children with LGBT content”. 

RALEIGH, APRIL 29th, 2020. The international platform CitizenGO was present at the annual Disney shareholders’ meeting that took place on March 11th, 2020 in Raleigh, North Carolina.  During the event, the UK campaigns director of CitizenGO, Caroline Farrow, spoke to the entertainment company’s CEO, Bob Chapek, about the introduction of LGBT content in their theme parks as well as in  some of their well-known products. 

During Caroline Farrow’s intervention where she spoke about the petition launched by CitizenGO and signed by 653.557 citizens asking the company to stop LGTB indoctrinating activities, the CEO of Disney made clear that the entertainment company will not stop producing or sponsoring events that promote the LGTB agenda around the world

Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO remarked: “At Disney we strongly believe that we should reflect in our creative content the diversity that we find in our audience,and I believe that that will continue with an increased commitment as we move forward”. To see the video of the full intervention, click here.

  • Here is the album and the video with the images of the signature delivered at Disney Shareholders meeting.

At the shareholder meeting, CitizenGO also delivered more than 650,000 signatures garnered since the petition was launched in 2019. In addition, the non-profit organization held a performance at the Duke Energy Center, where the meeting was taking place. To see the photos of the performance, click here.

Caroline Farrow, CitizenGO UK campaign director, summarizes: “We are here to be the voice of thousands of people who want to defend their children from LGTB ideology. Now that we know Disney’s position in this regard, we have no choice but to boycott their products and continue fighting against those who attack our children with this type of ideology”.



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