30,000 citizens donate a million masks to fight COVID-19 across the world

  • The face masks are being distributed in the countries most affected by the coronavirus, particularly Italy, Spain and the United States.
  • Ignacio Arsuaga, CEO of CitizenGO: “We believe that in these crucial times for mankind we are stronger together; we will not cease to fight for the dignity of every single life”. 

MADRID, APRIL 23rd, 2020. Thanks to the generous donation of 29,579 of their members, the international platform CitizenGO has acquired 1.000.000 face masks which are being delivered to countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These pieces of equipment are being sent to Spain, Italy, the United States, Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil and other countries where the virus is having the major impact and where most casualties are occurring and in some countries this is being managed with the assistance of a local NGO. 

Ignacio Arsuaga, CEO of CitizenGO notes: “Nowadays we are mobilizing differently: without even leaving their homes, our supporters are donating face masks and other supplies to the countries facing severe shortages of PPE”’

CitizenGO supporters are also donating 853,000 water bottles to more than 100 hospitals in Spain, particularly to those with a significant  number of infections and deaths. 

Arsuaga:  “The contribution from CitizenGO is possible thanks to thousands of people that have donated to this cause. They are showing the world that in the midst of these hard times, every single life is still precious”.  


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