Kenya stands firm at the United Nations after CitizenGOers pressure

Over 3,000 signatures were delivered to the office of the Attorney General demanding

that he defends life and family at the United Nations

– Ann Kioko: “ It is a victory as Kenya refuses to be bullied at the United Nations by powerful countries and NGO’s into legalizing homosexuality and abortion, our efforts to pressure the Kenyan delegations and various missions at the United Nations have paid off”
– Ambassador Cleopas Mailu, “ We have studied all the recommendations…Kenya will not decriminalise same sex unions as it is against the culture and law of Kenya…abortion in Kenya is not permitted..”

NAIROBI, KENYA, 30TH JANUARY 2020.-  The CitizenGO Campaigns Director for Africa, Ann Kioko is excited that Kenya has rejected cultural imperialism at the United Nations in Geneva during the third cycle of the Universal Periodic Review.

“The voices of over 3,000 CitizenGOers who signed a petition demanding that Kenya stands firm at the United Nations have been heard” remarked Ann Kioko.

A week before the Universal Periodic Review, CitizenGO delivered signatures to the Attorney General of Kenya Mr. Paul Kihara Kariuki accompanied by a firm demand letter that he rejects any push for homosexuality, abortion and comprehensive sexuality education at the United Nations.

Having followed the Universal Periodic Review process for Kenya, CitizenGO was worried after noticing a concerted effort by powerful anti-life and anti-family organizations to push Kenya to legalizing homosexuality and abortion. “ It is sad to see how these NGOs that do not represent African women have camped at the United Nations just because they can afford air tickets while the real Africans who know what they actually want can not afford to be there to speak for themselves” lamented Kioko.

CitizenGO Africa sent a set of recommendations to most missions of various countries represented at the United Nations in Geneva. Some countries responded that they will ultimately push for anti-family recommendations while others supported our pro-family recommendations.

During the actual review process, the Attorney General of Kenya Mr. Paul Kihara Kariuki and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs led a Kenyan delegation to listen to various recommendations from countries across the world and also report on their progress in defending human rights of Kenyans.

After listening to all the recommendations Kenya only chose those recommendations that defended life and family and that were within the Kenyan law. In a courageous speech by Kenyan Ambassador to Geneva Cleopas Mailu, Kenya stated that same-sex unions were not allowed in Kenya and abortion was not permitted…. See the powerful statement in this clip.

“We are thankful that Kenya stood firm at the United Nations in Geneva and that our efforts paid off. We congratulate the entire Kenyan delegation to the United Nations and all the CitizenGOers who chose to stand up for what they believe in,”added Ann Kioko.

Press materials:

Petition asking Kenya to stand for Life and Family at the United Nations 
Flickr album of the signatures delivered in Nairobi City 
Video of Ambassador Cleopas Mailu standing firm at the United Nations.


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